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Average Antler, 3 -8 lbs.
Up to 16 lbs. - Trophy


Average Antler, 1/2 - 2 lbs.
Up to 4 lbs. - Trophy

Average Antler,3 - 10 lbs.     
Up to 25 lbs. - Trophy

Red Stag Antlers
 Have both with and without "crown ".

Caribou Antlers

! Knifemakers !
Warthog Tusks & Hippo Tusks
from culled animals.
Various sizes -They are  listed individually  at  

Here are the species names of most current & common  antlered & horned North American big game, including ranched antlered game.

  Odocoileus Lepus townsendi

( Jackalope
Odocoileus virginiansis   (whitetail )

Odocoileus virginianus texana (deer, white-tailed, sandhill)

Odocoileus virginianus couesi ( coues )

Odocoileus virginianus clavium (key deer)
Odocoileus Hemionus
 ( mule deer )

Odocoileus Hemionus Columbianus
( columbia blacktail )

Odocoileus Hemionus sitkensis
( sitka blacktail )

Cervus axis

 ( axis deer )

Dama dama  
(fallow deer )

Cervus nippon   (sika deer)

Cervus nippon nippon
(sika deer of Virginia ) 

Antilocapra americana   (pronghorn antelope)

Cervus elaphus
(red deer )

Cervus elaphus nannodes  ( tule elk )

Cervus elaphus merriami ( merriams elk)

 Cervus elaphus roosevelti
( roosevelt elk )
Cervus elaphus nelsoni
 ( rocky mountain elk )
Alces alces gigas
 (moose, Alaskan/Yukon)
Alces alces americana 
( eastern moose )
Alces alces andersoni
( western moose )
Alces alces shirasi
( shiras moose )
Rangifer tarandus
( barren ground caribou )

Ovis canadensis mexicana
(Sheep, Bighorn, Desert)

Ovis canadensis nelsoni 
( Sheep, Bighorn, Nelson's )
Ovis canadensis canadensis
 (Sheep, Bighorn, Rocky Mtn.)

Ovis canadensis californiana Douglas (California bighorn sheep)

Ovis dalli dalli
(dall sheep)

Ovis Dalli Stonei
(Stone Sheep)

Oreamnos americanus
( rocky mountain goat )

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Jackson Hole, Wy. Boy Scout Antler Sale -  2005

Have shed antlers to sell ?
What will we pay ?
See our current buy list here

 You are responsible for checking the laws in your home state. All items offered are legal to sell in Wyoming.  Into The Wilderness is not offering for sale any item deemed illegal to purchase in your state or location.
Please check before you order. We cannot keep up with all the changing local and state antler restrictions and  request any updates to your state laws that you may be aware of regarding antler sales. Thank you.

Obviously, a shopping cart will not work for this page, so email, fax, or call us with questions and orders regarding antlers.

See our antler grading page

 Graded antler prices - less than 2,000 lbs.            

Elk Antlers
  #1 Brown singles        $  15.00 per lb.
  #2 Brown                    $  13.00 per lb.
  #1 Hard white              $  10.000 per lb.
  #2 Hard white             $  8.00 per lb .
   Chalky                         $  5.00 per lb.


Mule  Deer Antlers

#1 brown , MD/LG 4 pt                    $ 18.00 Per lb.
#1 brown,all sm ,md                          $ 16.00 Per lb.
   #2 brown,all                                    $  14.00 Per lb.
  #1 hard white,  All                            $   12.00 Per lb.
   #2 hard white,all                              $   8.00 Per lb.
   Chalky,solid                                     $   5.00 Per lb. 


Whitetail Deer Antlers
#1  brown, sm-md           $  18.00 Per lb
#2 brown, all                  $ 16.00 Per lb
#1 hard white,all            $ 12.00 Per lb
#2 hard white,all            $  8.00 Per lb
Chalky ,solid                  $   5.00 Per lb

Over 60"  sold individually

Caribou  Antlers
  Out of stock  

    Moose Antlers
Now sold individually

Red Stag Antlers

All - $20. LB


Fallow Deer Antlers
Now sold individually

Axis Deer Antlers
Now sold individually

Large Orders &
International Shipments
Note-  the largest single order we will now accept at one time is for 500 lbs.

ALL orders of 500 lbs of shed antlers, must now include a 50% deposit with order, or order will not be accepted. NO exceptions . Allow 6-12 weeks for  filling your order, subject to availability. Balance required when ready to ship. We will arrange shipping to your specified East Coast or West Coast  address at buyer's expense.