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Into The Wilderness Trading
P.O. Box 1908 /  Pinedale, WY 82941-1908

Antlers only ship from Wyoming - September through March.
Ivories & tusks ship anytime from either Vermont or Wyoming.

bigantlers.com is for sale - $ 35,000 or reasonable offer.
Includes this url and all for sale inventory at time of sale as shown on this site.
Does NOT include the Into The Wilderness name.
 Very simple to set up, run, and change over shopping carts. I will help the buyer set it up and help with transfer of ownership. You can have a running internet business almost overnight. Bear in mind, we are breaking the antler business from the rest of Into The Wilderness. You are buying url, inventory, web presence.  There will be NO copies of our business tax returns, statements, etc.  released.
Nearing retirement and the business has been a lot of fun for many years.Time to concentrate on other things now.

  Whitetail  Antlers
  Elk Antlers
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  Mule Deer  Antlers
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  Moose  Antlers
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  Sheep & Goats
Caribou  Antlers
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Fallow Deer, Red Stag,Axis , Sika, Etc.        Page 1  Page 2   Page 3
  Blacktail & Coues  Antlers
  Elk Ivories
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We are rebuilding the elk ivory pages. Stay tuned
Warthog/Hippo Tusks
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  Shed antler/Detachable Antler Mounting Kits  
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 Into The Wilderness Ships to the US ONLY and
ALL shipping costs shown on this site are for US delivery !!
Welcome to the TROPHY ROOM!
   These pages will show our constantly changing inventory of racks, mounts, rugs, shed antlers - huge sets and singles. There will be average pieces, record book items, sets for amateur taxidermy, as well as for collectors, decorators and more. But, remember - every piece is one of a kind and subject to prior sale. Know the laws!!
   You are responsible for checking the laws in your home state. All items offered are legal to sell in Wyoming.  Into The Wilderness is not offering for sale any item deemed illegal to purchase in your state or location. Please check before you order. We cannot keep up with all the changing local and state antler restrictions and  request any updates to your state laws that you may be aware of regarding antler sales. Thank you.
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Into The Wilderness
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