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If you need the larger singles cut in half to reduce shipping, let us know.
Do not mind cutting them in 1/2 for you as it does make a difference on some of them.

Shipping Elk antlers is EXPENSIVE. If you are buying more than one, contact us instead of using the shopping cart, we can reduce shipping dramatically on multiple sales .
  Updated 04/17/18
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Elk C50
Now who says truly big elk are not found on public land in Wyoming ?
Found these fresh shed antlers personally on May 1st in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Heavy ( 29 3/4 Lbs ! )& perfect typicals !!

Elk C50
Not for sale.

Elk #561
8 x 9  Non-typical - # 2 set in the shed antler book
Current Weight = 18 lbs & 19 1/2 lbs / 37 1/2 lbs total !!
They have only lost 4 1/2 lbs in 10 years.
Officially scored ! 2/04/15
Official score is 423 7/8 after 12 1/8 deductions.
This is with NO spread credit, which could add another 46"- 50" !
These are now officially listed as #2 non-typical set in the book. The left side scored 221 2/8, and the right antler scored 214 6/8, which also places them
# 3 & #4 in the book. Any way you go , this is by far the biggest shed set ever found in Wyoming !
These have been panel scored and entered as #2 non-typical in the shed antler record book.

$ 9,500

Elk 561c
214 6/8

Elk 561C
221 2/8

Elk 246

Just a great set of Jackson Hole sheds from the National Elk Refuge. These were bought by a gentleman at the annual boy scout antler auction for far more than our price. He died and they have to go. This is a 6x6 set with great color and minor tip chips at worst. Estimated inside spread of 42" . Now, check out that club growing off the brow tine. Looks like a mushroom ! Unusual to say the least. These will make an incredible mount or fabulous display antlers.. Mains 44" + & 45" +.Rough score of 320+ .




Elk 396

Time to sell some personal collection pieces now. This one is a wild 3 x 6 non-typical elk rack, and a big one. The normal side is a 6 point with a main beam of 50" and a rough score of 144"+ by itself. The 3 point non-typical side has a 32 3/4" tine !!! Even the burr grew crooked. This would have been a 320-330 class elk. I have to move some of these. Skull plate will have to be cut for shipping. Will be an easy one to pin back together. Not often you see elk sets like this, which is why they were "personal collection" ones.No chews, breaks, fading, cracks, repairs, etc. Possibly a tiny tip chip at worst. Just a great set of display antlers or an incredible mount. You may never see another like this.




Elk 601
Last set of grizzly kill antlers I found. Basically, this is all that was left of him. Had no saw with me, so shot these off the skull with a 12 gauge slug. 4x5 in perfect condition, mains are both 44". Came from Green River Lakes area in Wyoming. ( lots of bears, believe me )
$ 300.


Single Elk Shed Antlers - Also see page 2 & page 3.
We will be changing our whole pricing structure on single sheds shortly. Stay tuned.
If you need the larger ones cut in half to reduce shipping, let us know. Do not mind cutting them in 1/2 for you as it can make a difference on larger antlers.